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A 501(c)3 not for profit organization created to help eliminate period poverty and unnecessary hysterectomies for humans with a uterus across the globe by way of education, resources, support and access to clean, non-toxic sanitary products.

About Our Founder

Journey to Healing

LaToya Dwight, BBA, MSM, ChCC, RHU, REBC
Founder & Chief Motivation Officer

As Founder and Chief Motivating Office, LaToya Dwight created Pad The Pandemic after a life altering experience from uterine fibroids, non-cancerous tumors of the uterus. Roughly 70% of humans with a uterus will develop uterine fibroids. Of this population, 80% are Black.

In her early 30’s, LaToya learned she had fibroids during a routine OG/BYN visit to replace an IUD. After providing little information or guidance, LaToya’s doctor, of twelve years, recommended that she have a hysterectomy; it was the first and only option she was presented. LaToya declined the hysterectomy and decided to empower herself embarking on a four-year-long journey, and counting, of researching fibroids. During her fibroid healing journey, LaToya’s outlook on reproductive health drastically shifted after learning about the negative implications of period poverty and the detrimental impact that sanitary products have on the reproductive system.

Period poverty is the lack of access to safe, hygienic, toxic-free sanitary products, and the economic vulnerability one faces while trying to afford these menstrual products. 2-in-5 Americans suffer from period poverty. Whether it’s a high school student, attorney, police officer, college professor, store clerk, or community change maker, someone you know may suffer from period poverty. It’s a global pandemic that is unrecognized and not openly discussed. Pad The Pandemic aspires to invoke change with one mission – to eradicate period poverty and unnecessary hysterectomies one uterus at a time!

"Eradicating period poverty and unnecessary hysterectomies one uterus at a time."

LaToya Dwight, Founder & Chief Motivation Officer

Services & Upcoming Activations

Pad The Pandemic Foundation takes pride in offering:

  • Run F.A.R. 5K – July 20, 2024 – Arabia Mountain, Atlanta
  • Fibroid Awareness Brunch – July 21, 2024 – Atlanta
  • Period Poverty Awareness Campaign – TBD
  • Fibroid Awareness Educational Workshops – TBD
  • Hygiene Kit Distribution – Ongoing to homeless and women’s shelter residents

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